About Us

PopUppari is our “one day” dream come true.

PopUppari is a concept store which operates as a direct intermediary consumer goods brokerage company. Direct sales are carried out as a brokerage, with PopUppari acting as an intermediary between the Business Customer and the Consumer Customer.

We work in tandem with hobbyists and entrepreneurs in order to create unique, customizable spaces which highlight their products for sale; therefore, consumers are offered a myriad of uniquely crafted products.

PopUppari Oy is designed for artisans seeking a simple and cost-effective alternative to the historical long-term entanglements and contractual obligations of traditional brick and mortar locations.

By doing so, hobbyists and new entrepreneurs are encouraged to pursue their creative passions and forge ahead on a forward path towards financial independence without major financial risk or major investment.

By customizing the boutique experience to each individual artisan client, PopUppari is able to consolidate and empower a wide range of diverse talent under one roof while simultaneously providing the consumer with a wide range of hand-made product choices.
The actual floor plan consistently is in flux-both visually, as well as, physically. With a constant roster of evolving talent and products, the customer will be treated to an ever-changing and entertaining boutique environment designed to be visually appealing while simultaneously creating an inspiring and pleasant shopping experience resulting in a desired destination for all customers.

PopUppari is a community based and environmentally conscious endeavor designed to reflect our personal desire to reuse/repurpose as much construction and display materials in store décor as possible, which in many cases destined for the trash or local landfill. Our goal is to attain a 90% success rate.


Why did we chose Teljäntori?

Teljäntori is a unique and one of its kind vintage Merchant Center in the heart of City of Pori Center. In our opinion, Teljäntori reflects the spirit of PopUppari in many ways.


Teljäntori is one of the oldest shopping centers in Finland and the first of its kind in Pori. Speaking of one of the kind, we chose the best place in Pori for our PopUppari concept shop, a place that encourages fellow local businesses, all under one roof. We believe in keeping past alive.

Interested in Shopping with us at PopUppari?

We offer you a wide selection of hand-crafted products and welcome you to visit our PopUppari concept shop. Perhaps there is something unique and special in your mind you are looking for, whether for yourself, for your loved one or for a friend – come and visit us. You can bring your crochet needle, sit on the couch and live in a moment.

Interested in joining us at PopUppari with sales in mind?

PopUppari is a brokerage company selling handmade consumer goods for the public. Direct sales are carried out as a brokerage sale where PopUppari acts as a broker. You as a Business Customer can be a hobbyist, tradesman or have a company already in place.

As a Business Customer you are pricing your product

Your products are your property until the product is sold to a consumer customer

We act as your agent
The actual trade always takes place directly between the seller of the goods (you) and the buyers (the consumer customer).

Any claim for defective product is made directly to the owner / seller of the goods.

We provide space for your products and staff to maintain the store. The staff keeps the space clean and tidy so we can provide all our customers with a comfortable and enjoyable sales and buying experience.

Our brokerage fees are based upon a customized commission and rental space fee structure.

We offer free gift wrapping.

You are welcome to spend time at PopUppari with us and get to know your new customers.